Since 2002 Optelian has been designing and delivering innovative optical networking solutions to large and small service providers and enterprise customers. Our product portfolio started as simple, robust passives for access networks and has evolved to a full optical transport system supporting access, metro and regional network requirements. Today we continue to make technology breakthroughs to bring even higher optical transport bit rates to the network edge.

Customers depend on Optelian for high-quality solutions at competitive prices while receiving personalized customer care.  Optelian's reliable, telco-grade solutions are used worldwide by Tier 1-3 service providers.  We are a TL9000 and ISO 9001 certified company.

Our optical transport solutions help our customers optimize their existing and new fiber by delivering higher bandwidth, extending reach, adapting and managing traffic.  Our solutions range from simple, easily deployed D/CWDM passive-optical devices to complex networks with multi-degree ROADMs.

Optelian provides hardware, software, network design, training, ongoing customer support, product servicing, and other services including installation and test-and-turn-up.  Our exceptional customer care starts with initial customer engagement and extends far beyond installation.

Optelian has a well-established customer and product base.  We provide solutions to four of the five largest service providers in North America.  We also provide solutions to over fifty smaller service providers.  Optelian has partnered with an American contract manufacturing firm that is one of the world’s largest.  This partnership helps us to remain cost effective in meeting the volume needs of our customers in North America and internationally.


Optelian was built on the philosophy of listening, understanding and responding to our customers in a timely manner. By understanding our customers’ challenges and remaining nimble and flexible we are able to develop innovative solutions to address our customers’ needs.

At Optelian, we work to find the right cost effective solution for our customers. In many cases it’s not the higher Capex solutions such as active aggregation or ROADM systems but rather simple passive solutions or combinations of active and passive elements that meet our customers’ requirements.

Our team provides personalized care and attention to every customer, no matter the size. Every Optelian employee is considered “client facing.” Customer care starts with understanding customer needs and providing a clear quotation. We continue customer care through delivery, post sales and for the life of our solutions. Whether it is answering questions remotely or being on-site for install, our team provides hands-on care.


  • Unique edge solutions:  Optelian has developed and deployed industry-first (and patent pending) high bit-rate products that handle thermal extremes in outside cabinets. 
  • Breadth of solutions:  Our product portfolio includes complete active and passive solutions for regional to access networks and bit rates from 100Mb/s to over 100Gb/s.  Our solutions are focused on optical network layers 0 and 1.
  • Unique customer support:  Optelian’s team provides personalized care and attention to each customer. 
  • Low capex:  Optelian’s architecture is designed for an add-as-you-grow approach.  The architecture minimalizes the complexity (and hence cost) of the chassis and cards.
  • Low opex:  Optelian’s solutions are highly reliable and designed for minimal maintenance.  Each Optelian element has a minimal footprint and is energy efficient.  Size, power and a set-and-forget approach all lead to low operational costs.
  • Flexibility and massive scalability: Optelian’s “Flex Architecture” interconnects via fiber and allows passive elements to be housed separately.  This allows for flexible placement of cards in slots and chassis as well as easy growth of the system from single channel to 80+ channels (transporting over 10Gb/s).

Leading on Edge Solutions

The network edge is undergoing an important change with architectures and equipment that provide more efficient use of fiber, higher densities of end users and lower latencies. Much of this is driven by 5G and competition to better serve end users at a lower cost. Edge aggregation and add-drop-multiplexing need to be delivered at much higher bit rates. Cabinets at the network edge most often do not have HVAC systems and equipment being housed needs to accommodate environmental extremes.

Optelian has developed industry-first products that transport 100Gb/s+ and can be mounted in outside cabinets. Optelian’s MPX-9103 delivers 100Gb/s with 10Gb/s client handoffs and is the industry’s first in a portfolio of hardened and disaggregated edge-devices. In addition to a thermal range of -40C to +65C, these devices have been certified to withstand full Outside Plant NEBS standards including corrosive gasses and salt/fog environmental conditions.

In addition to hardened active systems, Optelian also has a broad portfolio of passive optical arrays that are designed for thermal extremes in outside cabinet environments.