Technology Alliances among complementary equipment suppliers have the potential to provide more complete solutions for the problems faced in the network. When suppliers work together to ensure product interoperability, the end result can be a simpler and more trouble free implementation process that meets more of the customers’ requirements than separate solutions may address. Optelian is constantly looking for technology partners whose products interface with ours in the network environment.


The Calix Compatible Solution Assurance Program is a multi-vendor interoperability and compatibility certification program designed to help service providers more easily ascertain the production viability of emerging solution sets incorporating disparate hardware and software elements.

The Brocade Data Center Ready program is a comprehensive testing and configuration initiative designed to foster end-to-end SAN interoperability. As part of the program, testing is conducted in SAN configurations that include a heterogeneous mix of servers, storage systems, Brocade switches, SAN management and enterprise applications, and other SAN technologies. Brocade has created an interoperability lab featuring a heterogeneous SAN fabric, in which the company tests and validates partner equipment in specific configurations. Vendors receive Brocade Data Center Ready qualification after completing tests to confirm that vendors’ products meet interoperability guidelines.

Allied Fiber is a technology partner that provides dark fiber solutions to customers throughout the US and as a part of our co-marketing effort, they will recommend to their customers, vendors such as Optelian to provide the hardware to light the fiber for their customers. We will also have some application specific app notes that will be jointly developed.

MegaSys™ Computer Technologies – A major supplier of advanced Network Management Systems for the Telecommunications market based on its flagship product Telenium™.   MegaSys has developed the most powerful and flexible network management system available, designed on an intelligent, high performance, object oriented database that provides unsurpassed processing, network management and database growth.

Telecom Associations

The Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education
Telecommunications Association of the Southeast
Alaska Telephone Association
Arizona-New Mexico Telecommunications Association
California Communications Association
Canada-India Business Council
Canadian Cable Systems Alliance
Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations
Carolina – Virginias Telephone Membership Association
Colorado Telecommunications Association
Georgia Telephone Association
Idaho Telecom Alliance
Illinois Telecommunications Association
Indiana Telecommunications Association
Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association
Iowa Telecommunications Association
International Telecommunication Union
State Independent Telephone Association of Kansas
Kansas Telecommunications Industry Association
Kentucky Telephone Association
Louisiana Telecommunications Association
Telephone Association of Maine
Telecommunications Association of Michigan
Minnesota Telecom Alliance
Minnesota Association for Rural Telecommunications
Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association
Montana Telecommunications Association
National Exchange Carriers Association
National Telecommunications Cooperative Association
Nebraska Telecommunications Association
Nevada Telecommunications Association
New York State Telecommunications Association
North Carolina Telecommunications Industry Association
North Dakota Telephone Association
North Dakota Association of Telephone Cooperatives
Ohio Telecom Association
Oklahoma Telephone Association
Eastern Ontario Manufacturers Network
Ontario Telecommunications Association
Oregon Telecommunications Association
Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation
Pennsylvania Telephone Association
South Carolina Telecommunications Association
South Dakota Telecommunications Association
Tennessee Telecommunications Association
Telephone Association of New England
Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing Association of India
Texas Statewide Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Texas Telecommunications Association
Telecommunications Industry Association
Tri-State Telecommunications Conference
United States Telecom Association
Utilities Telecom Council
UTC – Canada
Utah Rural Telecom Association
Virginia Telecommunications Industry Association
Washington Independent Telephone Association
West Virginia Telecommunications Association
Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association
Wyoming Telecommunications Association