Optelian optical networking solutions are designed to meet a network operator’s and/or service provider’s next-generation optical networking needs. Based on Optelian’s FLEX Architecture, solutions are highly scalable, efficient, effective and modular, and support a wide range of applications from access to long-haul, passive to packet, and 100M to 100G. These include applications ranging from simple point-to-point architectures to full mesh, multilayer networks with multi-degree ROADMs.

Service Providers

For network operators and service providers, fiber is precious and budgets are constrained. Optelian offers a complete portfolio of customized products and solutions.


The Optelian FLEX Architecture offers a complete service aggregation and transport solution that is ideally suited for mobile backhaul applications.


Optelian offers streamlined, Smart Grid network infrastructure for electric power generation, transportation, and distribution providers.

Research & Education

The Optelian FLEX Architecture provides the tools for addressing key challenges faced by research & education organizations with major scientific initiatives.

Data Center & Cloud

Data Centers are at the heart of the cloud. They require reliable, high-bandwidth connections that offer low latency and flexible networking capabilities.