From a simple point-to-point WDM system to a full mesh, multi-layer networking solution, Optelian offers comprehensive network design services and consultation for essentially any networking need.

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Optelian can provide quotations ranging from a a complete network design that meets the needs of a complex network with required circuit demand and service capabilites to a single networking component or appliance.  Starting with a knowledge of the networking needs and currently available infrastructure, such as fiber spans and facility locations, Optelian can provide a complete network design with a detailed bill of materials (BOM) and site engineering drawings that meets the capacity and functionality needs of the network, including for the planned growth of a network. Moreover, this service is generally provided completely free-of-charge as a part of the RFQ process, with no obligation to prospective customers. If you need a solution to a networking problem, Optelian would welcome the opportunity to be your partner and help you design an optimal solution.