Optelian’s TMX-4400 transponder, deployed in a DA Series™ TMS-1190 platform, is an ideal, “pay-as-you-grow”, compact DWDM transport solution for 100G-400G services. The transponder is efficiently designed for multi-market Deploy Anywhere™ end-to-end transport architectures. It interfaces to standard QSFP28/DD 100G-400G client optics, and incorporates a CFP2-DCO pluggable line interface with a software programmable DWDM modulation format that can operate in multiple line modes. Client services can be transported over a single DWDM wavelength with optional physical layer encryption. It provides full client- and line-side performance monitoring for clear service demarcation, fault localization, and SLA assurance.



The TMX-4400 provides efficient transponding and DWDM transport for 100GbE-400GbE and/or OTUCn client services. The TMX-4400 incorporates a pluggable CFP2-DCO with a software programmable modulation format, and fully-integrated coherent transceiver, including DSP. The line signal can be set to CFEC or SCFEC for the longest possible reach, or OFEC for interoperability.  

It can be used for point-to-point DWDM links of various distances depending on modulation and associated link budget, or provide all-optical transmission over 1000 km or more in amplified systems. Integrated physical layer encryption capabilities are also available.


  • Compact Network Application Modules (NAM)
  • Up to 1.6TB/s capacity in a single 1RU
  • Hardened 400G Transport
  • Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)

Line Interface

  • CFP2-DCO 100G-400G
  • Multiple Modulation Formats
  • OTU4, OTUCn
  • Performance Monitoring
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • openZR+, openROADM, CableLabs®

Client Interface

  • GbE and OTUCn 100G-400G
  • SR, FR and LR
  • RMON and OTU4 performance monitoring