Optelian’s specialty is optical transport and connectivity over distances from hundreds of meters to many hundreds of kilometers, allowing network operators and service providers to get the most out of their network and fiber infrastructure. Optelian designs, manufactures and sells optical networking equipment, and provides all the services required to successfully design and deploy complete optical networking solutions that are highly scalable, reliable and cost effective, and that work seamlessly with other networking equipment, such as switches, routers, service gateways, customer premise equipment or any other networking appliance with an optical interface.

Optelian optical networking solutions draw from a range of technologies for optical networking. Networking functions and capabilities are realized using a variety of network element types, each using state-of-the-art technology for achieving the desired functionality.

Optical Filters

Optical Power Splitters and Combiners

Dispersion Compensation Modules

Optical Amplifiers

Reconfigurable OADMs (ROADMs)

Transponders and Regenerators


Multiprotocol Add-Drop Multiplexers

Pluggable Transceivers

Network Management System